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The Guild 

What we do

Ever wondered what you could do for your child's birthday party?

Even your partner's or older parent's birthday party!

 - wherever you organise your day, we can accommodate.


We will, with parents supervising too, bring your requested animals or a

selection of ours to your event and give you a safe, educational,

entertaining and fun show. All of the children will get to handle the animals,

but as a special treat, the birthday boy or girl will, where possible, get to feed one of the animals in front of their friends.

Our animals will make your birthday party fun and memorable

Presentations for older people are given in a different way.

You would be amazed at how many of our parents (those in their

60's, 70's and 80's have never been close to a reptile and the joy on their

faces when they handle the animals is just incredible).



A wealth of choice

If you don’t see what you want listed here please get in touch with us as we able to tailor an animal encounter to suit your specific needs. Customisation is never a problem.

Take your chance now to experience the wonder of the animal kingdom, with our hugely diverse animal groups, including

reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, birds and marsupials. We provide a school workshop  experience that is hands on, interactive and educational. With the animals we bring and the knowledge we provide, this is your chance to make a once in a lifetime opportunity a regular visit. Our  school workshops can be tailored to your needs or we can provide a rich and varied cross section of the animal world.


The Living Education School Workshops we supply are :

Africa, Rainforests, Nocturnal, Deserts, Minibeasts, Bio-diversity

Or we can provide an assorted presentation of animals to cover a wide range.

Animal Welfare

With every animal encounter we take the welfare of our animals very seriously. If we feel they are in any danger or if they become stressed we will stop the encounter for that animal.

With our vast array of experience and animals we are able to ensure you get the shot you need.

We have a full performing animals licence for any animal anywhere in the world, not many companies are able to offer this service. In addition to this we provide £10m in Public Liability cover, this includes working with venomous and deadly animals.

Our highly skilled animal handlers will provide all the specialist equipment needed for the animal. So you can rest assured you are in the best hands.

Keeping exotic animals as pets is a world away from keeping domestic animals. The knowledge you require, space you need, time that must be committed are all much more than most people can commit before we even begin to talk about the cost implications.


Please please reconsider if you are contemplating keeping an exotic animal as a pet. The dedication they require is something we cannot put into words.

Fancy an animal stall at your school or organisation, summer fete or fair, or any fundraising occasion? We will bring along a selection of animals to help your fete or fair be that little bit different.

We will charge a fee for the occasion, depending on the amount of time you want us for. You can charge your visitors for the privilege of holding an animal, or for pictures with them and all of the money you raise on the day is yours.

Fancy a special event for one of your group's meetings ? Why not ask us to provide that event for you ? Like the children's party, we will come along to your meeting and show you our animals - either your choice or our selection. This will make a meeting to

remember - being informative, educational, entertaining and fun.



Birthday Parties
School Workshops
Fetes, Fairs and Clubs
TV and Film
OAP and Special Needs

Our animals both domestic and exotic have been visiting care homes and special needs people for many years.

Animal therapy really does work, the enjoyment and attention the animals bring to everyone is fantastic to see in the smiling faces.

From daft dogs to mad meerkats, we provide a complete variance of animals so there is something for everyone to enjoy and talk about for weeks afterwards.

For the person with an interest in venomous reptiles, we have the ultimate in training courses. Keeping venomous snakes brings a whole new set skills into the equation for something as simple as changing a water bowl. On this course you will learn to work with rattlesnakes, cobras and mambas to name a few. Together with House of Venom, Reptile Life have devised a course for you to learn all about the skills and joys of the venomous world. From simple vipers to the lightening fast taipans and the enormous and aggressive king cobra, you will encounter them all.

Venom Training

Pet Suitability

Fashion Trends

Many rescue centres have taken in numerous exotic animals recently due to the television making them “fashionable” or “trendy” to own. In particular meerkats have suffered unimaginably because of the adverts. These fashionable pets are quickly cast aside when the realism of how difficult to keep and what they can cost to feed makes itself known

Phobia Experiences

Whatever your animal fear we can help you overcome it. With countless people we have helped them surpass fears of spiders, snakes, lizards, scorpions and numerous others.

The feeling of conquering a deep rooted fear is immense. Try it, so many have done things they would have never believed possible!


Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer we can supply animals for your shoots. If you just want to take some stunning pictures of the animals we can organise a visit to the facility to take some pictures for your own use.

If you are a model looking to expand your portfolio, we can organise a photo session with the animals and a pro photographer for you.

We have a lot of people asking to volunteer to work with us. We do take volunteers and work experience students however you must be 18 and either have an animal qualification or are working towards one. We currently have a waiting list for volunteers so if you wish to be added to this please get in touch via the contact page



One of the latest services we offer is now teaching as part of the Btec Animal Care courses or any other relevant qualification.

If you run a course and wish to bring in our expertise, in anything from basic animal handling to biomedical and surgical aspects of exotic animal keeping then please get in touch.

We offer a bespoke range of options from one off workshops to a regular weekly teaching slot on your course.